Biosportart partners with U.S. cannabinoid biotech PureForm Global to produce synthesized CBD products for UK athletes

Wednesday, 2nd of September, 2020.

LONDON: Biosportart, a sports-focused CBD startup, has signed a comprehensive supply agreement with U.S. cannabinoid biotech PureForm Global to launch the first synthesized CBD products for athletes in the UK.

“While there is widespread awareness of CBD amongst athletes, most are understandably wary of cannabis and hemp derived products, and have largely avoided products in this space,” said Biosportart CEO Richard O’Halloran. “All the plant derived CBD isolates we considered were either inconsistently pure or contained traces of other cannabinoids, including THC. Only PureForm CBD could meet our stringent requirements of absolute zero cannabinoids except CBD.”

THC is particularly problematic for tested athletes, as studies have shown that even small amounts can accumulate in fat tissue and can be released when fat is burned – such as post exertion. It is directly after competition that athletes are most at risk of inadvertently testing positive for THC that has accumulated over a prolonged period.

“PureForm’s unique citrus derived CBD is over 99.5% pure and is bio-identical to CBD extracted from cannabis, while containing no unwanted cannabinoids.” said Shaun Jarvis, PureForm’s Chief Strategy Officer. “Furthermore, it contains no residual chemicals such as extraction solvents, pesticides, or mycotoxins. We’re excited to launch our unique CBD product in the UK with Biosportart.”

Biosportart 2000 milligram CBD Gel is available for purchase online at and select UK gyms.

Press Contact: Richard O’Halloran,

PureForm is a leading manufacturer of cannabinoids for consumer brands and human therapeutics, shaping the future through continuous innovation and commitment to science.

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