Biosportart highlighted in The Independent

Biosportart Highlighted in The Independent Newspaper
Biosportart Highlighted in The Independent Newspaper

Biosportart is proud to announce we has been highlighted in a recent editorial in the UK national daily, The Independent, while discussing the economic benefits and growth opportunities for the CBD industry in the UK.

In a discussion about the potential economic benefits of the CBD industry to a post-Brexit UK, the article discusses the recent developments in synthetic CBD and the ability to produce a purer, less contaminated product, calling our Biosportart as one of the new brands using this next-generation, synthetic form of CBD.

… New CBD production techniques such as synthesis and yeast fermentation can produce purer CBD without violating UK law through the presence of other illegal cannabinoids, and also avoid the risk of contamination with pesticides and soil-based compounds. An increasing number of synthetic brands are therefore coming to the UK market, including Biosportart …

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